Dance Faculty


Jen Migliore

When did you start dancing and why? I originally started as a competitive gymnast at age 7 at Stumpf's Gymnastics Center until I went to my sister's dance recital and decided to make the switch to dance. From that point on I was a dancer. 

What subjects did you study? Throughout my dance career, I have studied various dance styles including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Acrobatics, Modern and Social Dance.

What have you performed? In college, I had the privilege of performing in various shows at the University at Buffalo such as Emerging Choreographers Showcase, Zodiaque Dance Emsemble and Dancer's Workshop. My junior and senior year I was a proud member of the Zodiaque Dance Company which also gave me opportunity to perform a faculty choreographed piece at the American College Dance Festival in 2013. 

Since graduating college I have been able to perform at events like The World's Largest Disco as well as other areas of music and film like the video for Borgeous' single, 'They Don't Know Us' and a non-dancing role as Kate Hudson's stand-in for the soon to be released movie Marshall.

What do you love about teaching dance?  The moments I love teaching the most are when a dancer finally "gets it". Whether it be a specific movement or trick or piece of choreography, there is something so rewarding about that moment when you finally see one of your dancers make that connection in class or on stage. That is when you can truly see all of your hard work, as well as theirs, pay off. 

Secret talent? My secret talent is that I can touch my tongue to my nose, which is now no longer a secret.

Favorite article of clothing? My favorite article or I should say articles of clothing, are my sweat pants. As soon as I get home they are the first things I jump in to!

Favorite snack food? Smart food popcorn.