Receive a $50 account credit for every family you refer (once they pay their costume fee, a credit will be added
to your account).

Family Maximum
There is a maximum amount we will charge per family with multiple dancers. Please contact the Front Desk for more information>>

Additional Fees

  • Registration fee $30 (single child) or $45 (family) - due at registration
  • Costume fee $60 (3-8 years old), $70 (9 and up), $80 (team/company) 
  • Recital fee $30 (single child) or $45 (family) 

Registration for Fall 2017-18

​​Download Registration Form Here >> 

TUITION & FEES 2017-18

Elite's tuition is based on a 9 pay plan. Tuition payments are due on the first of each month. Extra workshops and tumbling classes are not included in tuition.

Tuition per Month (Per Dancer)

For more information, call [716] 288-7868

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to ALL competition students and must be approved.

Solo Rate $400 (6 hours total)

Duo Rate $200 per dancer (6 hours total)

Trio Rate $150 per dancer (6 hours total)

Quartet or Quintet $125 per dancer

(over 5 dancers, $100 per dancer) (6 hours total)

Download Private Lesson Application

Open Tumbling

EDC Students $6

Visiting Students $12

Starts in the Fall


EDC Workshops will be held throughout the season. They vary in price and are not included in the tuition.