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Promotions for 2017-18 Season

  • Tuition Paid by July 31st, receive 10% discount (8% credit card)
  • Tuition Paid by August 15th, receive 7% discount (5% credit card)

Company Fee $300, Team Fee $150 - 1st half due at meeting, 2nd half due 9/15. Pay in full at meeting, receive 10% discount (8% credit card)

Receive a $50 account credit for every family you refer (once they pay their costume
fee, a credit will be added
to your account).

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to ALL competition students and must be approved.

Solo Rate $400 (6 hours total)

Duo Rate $200 per dancer (6 hours total)

Trio Rate $150 per dancer (6 hours total)

Quartet or Quintet $125 per dancer

(over 5 dancers, $100 per dancer) (6 hours total)

Download Private Lesson Application

Open Tumbling

EDC Students $6

Visiting Students $12

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EDC Workshops will be held throughout the season. They vary in price and are not included in the tuition.

Additional Fees

  • Registration fee $30 (single child) or $45 (family) - due at registration
  • Costume fee $60 (3-8 years old), $70 (9 and up), $80 (team/company) 
  • Recital fee $30 (single child) or $45 (family) 

Registration for Fall 2017-18

​​Download Registration Form Here >> 

TUITION & FEES 2016-17 

Elite's tuition is based on a 9 pay plan. Tuition payments are due on the first of each month. Extra workshops and tumbling classes are not included in tuition.

Discounts for Multiple Children

There is a 5% discount for the second child, 10% discount for the third child and 75% discount for the fourth child.

Family Maximum

There is a maximum amount we will charge per family:

3-8 years old: 2 child max $2,300, 3 child max $3,200

9 and up: 2 child max $3,200, 3 child max $4,400

Team/Company: 2 child max $3,600, 3 child max $4,900

Monthly Tuition Rate for 9 Months (based on ONE dancer)