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boys dance too

At EDC, boys dance too and they don't just do hip hop. Our boys perform in all subjects, integrated with our girls. If you have a son interested in dance or a son who already dances, check us out. And the bonus... all boys dance for 50% off their tuition.


My family moved to Elite Dance Company just a few short years ago but it seems like we have been there from the beginning. Having two dancing sons they weren’t sure they would be accepted as quickly as they were in a program with no boys. The atmosphere at EDC is one of one happy family. Often you’ll hear my boys referred by the girls as their brothers and giving hugs to all. This style family atmosphere couldn’t be possible without the love and compassion of Stacey and Suzie and all the EDC faculty.  

Being male dancers they have been utilized for their technical skills as well as their strength. Each teacher knows their individual strengths and builds on their  skills and styles allowing them more freedom and choice of movement. They have grown in to their own personal styles and strive to constantly improve as Miss Stacey expects them to. Having three boys of her own I know my boys are in the best hands possible and will learn respect, commitment and dedication from their second mom Miss Stacey, they never want to let her down. 

Boy dancers face many struggles both socially, emotionally and physically. However, the strength, both physically and mentally EDC has built and grown in my boys, as well the drive and endurance,  will take them well beyond these years of dance. They are better dancers, soccer players and over all human beings thanks to the skills, technique and compassion they have been taught at EDC.

- Rose, Mother of Two Company Dancers

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