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studio & registration

Our facility

Elite Dance Company has FOUR dance studios within our facility. Each studio is equipped with a sound system and one mirrored wall. We also have a large lobby that is perfect for relaxing in between classes. The lobby has tables, microwaves and a bank of phone chargers. We have two vending machines with relatively healthier choices. Some of these amenities will be limited through the reopening process but will be available to dancers eventually.

Our Front Desk is also located in our lobby. At this time, the Front Desk is open by appointment only. You are welcome to pay/register online through our Parent Portal. Cash or check payments can easily be made in person by emailing to make an appointment or left in our mailbox by your dancer. If you are using your health insurance savings card, you may need to process that payment in person as well.  

Elite's tuition is based on a 9 pay plan. Tuition payments are due on the first of each month. Extra workshops and open tumbling classes are not included in tuition. 

All Novice Classes  

1 class - $52.00

2 classes - $86.00

3 classes - $120.00  

4 classes - $148.00

5 classes - $175.00

6 classes - $204.00    


Team Classes

1 class - N/A

2 classes - N/A

3 classes - N/A

4 classes - $219.00

5 classes - $240.00

6 classes - $260.00

7 classes - $280.00

8 classes - $300.00

9 classes - $320.00

Unlimited - $340.00


Company Classes

Flat Tuition Rate - $345.00 (unlimited classes)


2nd child discount is 5% off first child rate

3rd child discount is 10% off first child rate 

Family Max rates offered for all tiers

Additional Fees
  • Registration Fee per Family:  - $40.00

  • Costume Fee: Novice - $70.00, Team/Company - $90.00

  • Recital Fee: One child - $100.00, 2 children - $140.00, 3 children - $180.00 (includes complimentary program, recital shirt and recital video)


EDC offers studio workshop classes throughout the season. Team and Company dancers are required to add workshops and/or conventions to their dance education but all dancers are welcomed to take advantage of these fun classes. 

referral program

Receive a $50 account credit for every family you refer (once they pay their costume fee, a credit will be added to your account).

family max

There is a maximum amount we will charge per family with multiple dancers. Please contact the Front Desk for more information.

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