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Eva, EDC Company Dancer and Mentor

At EDC not only are we there to dance, but we are there to learn valuable life lessons. Valuable life lessons that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. At EDC I have been taught the importance of strength, hard work, optimism, friendship, kindness, sportsmanship and most importantly, teamwork. The unbreakable bonds that have been formed at Elite are ones that will never be forgotten. To say the least, I am beyond grateful for Elite Dance Company. 

Angela, Parent of two EDC Dancers

My daughters started at Elite 3 years ago. We made the hard decision to leave a studio we were at and move to Elite. We could not be happier that we made that jump. In the three short years we have been with Elite, my girls have learned so much - their confidence has soared and they have made some of their strongest friendships. Elite is not just a dance studio - it is a second home to their dancers. They are a family. My girls are not just getting a dance education, they are being setup to be successful in their lives. They have learned to set goals for themselves and to work hard and passionately at achieving those goals. I am forever thankful for the entire staff at Elite for everything they do for their students every day in and out of the studio. The staff are some of my girls biggest supporters. We are proud to be Elite. 

Tracy, Parent of two EDC Dancers

My girls making the Company team was a defining moment in their dance career. Gabriella and Kareena went from casual Saturday dance to something much more than I had ever imagined. A bond was formed between their OG teammates that felt like magic. They learned a lot about teamwork, loyalty, unity, devotion, friendship and inspiration. That was all under the leadership of Stacey & Sue. That is the reason we took a leap of faith five years ago to follow them without hesitation to this newly formed studio we call home, Elite Dance Company. My girls continued to grow as dancers and into well rounded young adults with their guidance. Dance is part of their everyday life and it is where they are happiest - where they are allowed to be creative and free, to perfect their skills and where they made friendships that will last a lifetime. Elite Dance Company is family to the Beck’s. 

Alicia, Parent of a former EDC Dancer

The three years we spent with Elite were the best years of dance my daughter ever had. Between their sound technical training and their love for their students and their families, there is nowhere else like it. Saying goodbye to our Elite family was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. One of the last times we saw our Elite family, Director Suzie Wrobel sat down with my little one and pulled her up onto her lap. She said, “this little green heart is so you will always remember that, no matter how far away away you are, there is always a studio full of people who love and believe in you!” It was those words that helped her start over time and again when dance got rough over the past year. If you are looking for a place that will nurture your family and not just teach them to dance, welcome home! 

Kristen, Parent of an EDC Dancer and Mentor

When you become a parent you are expected to do what’s best for your children. Protect them, guide them, and help mold them to be the best versions of themselves. But what most people don’t realize is that you aren’t the only person who will do that. Their teachers, friends, teams, everything around them will influence them. We attended the very first Elite recital and it had been a very long time since dance had made me feel like that. Since I had felt so much emotion. We decided that day we had found our new dance family. This was our 4th season with EDC. My daughter has been molded by some of the most respectful teachers and dancers I have ever met. Hailey is a Mentor, assisting the tiny dancers to help share her positivity. I am confident in the decision WE made that day and I am forever grateful for the support system we have at EDC. Make the positive change in your childs dance career. Show them what its like to be #PROUDTOBEELITE and #EDCSTRONG.

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