At EDC, all dancers will receive outstanding technical training in a positive atmosphere that focuses on respect, teamwork and experiencing the love of dance.

The new and improved, EDC Competition program consists of three levels of commitment:



This level is for the recreational dancer who prefers a light weekly commitment. Novice dancers are not required to take any technique or ballet classes but they are offered the opportunity to compete at one of our regional competitions. 



Team dancers are enrolled in a minimum of four total classes per week, which is a mid level of weekly commitment. They are required to take one technique class and one non-performing ballet class each week. Team dancers compete in two or three regional competitions.


Company dancers make the biggest weekly commitment. They are enrolled in multiple non-performing ballet classes, at least two technique classes and are required to take a minimum of eight classes per week, although most take more. Company dancers compete at four regional competitions, one convention and one national competition.


Each year, dancers audition for placement on the Team or Company. Novice dancers are not required to audition but are welcome to participate in the process.

The placement of students in the appropriate level is determined by the faculty of the Elite Dance Company. Students are not placed in a class according to just age, size, or amount of years they have studied dance. They must be able to execute proper technique of each movement for the class they are in. It is extremely important that dancers are placed in a level that is appropriate for them; the class that will give them the greatest opportunity to learn and excel.

dancers from any studio and any level is welcome to submit an audition video. All submissions are kept confidential. 
it's all about goals, not


One of our favorite things about going to competition is the boost of self-confidence it gives our dancers - which has nothing to do with winning! Getting on stage and performing in front of judges, peers, and complete strangers is very difficult. Also, going into each competition we set specific goals completely unrelated to winning. Each time we can accomplish one of those goals, it builds confidence. It teaches our dancers that when they work hard at something, they can achieve it! 

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