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Elite Dance Company is a competitive dance studio with a strong focus on insuring all dancers receive outstanding technical training in a positive atmosphere - respect, teamwork and experiencing the love of dance. Their goal is to ensure that each dancer has the proper foundations to dance to their fullest potential - whether their dream is to dance recreationally, competitively, in college or even professionally. 

At EDC, we encourage active learning and provide a safe environment for dancers’ physical and emotional health. We believe we provide them with all of the tools and training to become the dancer they want to be. Each dancer has the opportunity to grow at their own pace and we encourage them to push beyond what they think they are capable of physically, and to fully commit to their personal goals. Each of our dancers are very unique. It is important to us to be sensitive to individual learning needs and to inspire a passion to work hard.


Our facility

Elite Dance Company has four dance studios within our facility. Each studio is equipped with a sound system and one mirrored wall. We offer a faculty-only break room and a large lobby for our dancers.


Our program

The EDC Competition program consists of three levels of commitment. 

Novice: This level is for the recreational dancer who prefers a light weekly commitment. Novice dancers are not required to take any technique or ballet classes but they are offered the opportunity to compete at one of our regional competitions. 


Team: Team dancers are enrolled in a minimum of four total classes per week, which is a mid level of weekly commitment. They are required to take one technique class and one non-performing ballet class each week. Team dancers compete in two or three regional competitions.

Company: Company dancers make the biggest weekly commitment. They are enrolled in multiple non-performing ballet classes, at least two technique classes and are required to take a minimum of eight classes per week, although most take more. Company dancers compete at four regional competitions, one convention and one national competition.


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