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what a wonderful world

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose. This past season has been an extension of a challenging year on so many levels for everyone. The Elite Dance Company studio family, like everyone else, was hit hard by the pandemic suffering losses of so much not the least of which was their very special dance dad. 

There was positive closure to a year and a half, filled with heartache and uncertainty when the EDC Company dancers and teachers traveled to Florida to compete at their first Nationals in two years. Emotions were high, like any other competition but this time was special. They were dedicating their Nationals, and a very special dance number, to their dance dad, Sam Fiorella. Sam lost his battle to Covid-19 in January. With more grief than imaginable, co-owner of the studio and Sam’s daughter, Stacey Friend, had a vision of a dance routine that would honor the man who always stood by her side. Thanks to his daughter’s creativity, watching this routine gave those who did not know Sam, a glimpse of the remarkable man he was and always will be in memory.

“What A Wonderful World,” dedicated to Sam Fiorella, was selected to perform in the National Gala. Rehearsals were special too — sharing Wheaties with the dancers the night before the Gala “just like Dad did for his girls” before they performed. This one would be special — everyone felt it. Sam was present in spirit in rehearsals and that magical final performance. 

Elite Dance Company won the National Entertainment Award for “What A Wonderful World.” That achievement is for Sam, the man behind the story. It was an honor for those who participated in and witnessed it on stage. It was the most beautiful way to put closure to such a trying time and a tragic loss. Miss Stacey would like to thank those who extended their love, time, and unconditional support during one of her most difficult seasons. She and her family are forever grateful. Nationals was a fitting piece to the mission at EDC — instilling the value of perseverance in our students.

Elite Dance Company is a competitive dance studio, in Bowmansville, whose focus is ensuring all dancers receive outstanding technical training in a positive atmosphere — respect, teamwork and experiencing the love of dance. Their goal is to ensure that each dancer has the proper foundations to dance to their fullest potential, whether their dream is to dance recreationally, competitively, in college or even professionally. Elite Dance Company was founded by Stacey Friend and Suzie Wrobel — while Stacey was in the midst of a battle with cancer. Overcoming adversity has always been at the core of what we strive to teach at EDC.

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